Saturday, March 10, 2012

They said "it'll get better with time" but as more time passes by, the more I miss you. I can't stop thinking about even the little things about you... Like when you sleep and wake up the next morning, we know you were facing towards me the whole night cos the hair on the side you were laying on sticks up. Haha, even the smallest things about you make me smile. I watch the few videos I made with you and I miss you so much more. They make me smile but at the same time, it hurts me to know that that was just in the past. But I hope not. I hope that we can make things work and finally get back to how things were, with each other. You brought out the best in me and I know I may be destructive at times but it was because I'm still emotionally adjusting to receiving all this attention from my last break... You're mending everything and bringing everything in place for me and as corny as it may sound, you didn't finish putting the puzzle pieces together. The more you leave it around, the more the loose ends gets lost. It's been tough, but you made it easier. Now without you, it got harder than how it was before...

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