Friday, March 16, 2012

Meaning of my blog

I don't necessarily believe in things like Karma but I do believe coincidences and "in the moment" cos of stuff. Serendipity has anything to do with happiness and it coming up at any point, in an accident, so to say. Trying to find someone's downfall is hard. Most people won't really open up, whether they're insecure or truly believe that they are "too happy to be down." I mean, I'm in no position to judge them if they are seriously happy 100% of the time but they are happy right? Okay, my point being, you will see happier people than sad. Happy moments spring upon people, whether it was intended upon or not. I mean, who wouldn't want that? Serendipity is the occurrence of events that have a chance of total satisfaction at any point without you having a clue. Serendipity is also the reason why some people don't commit suicide at the last minute. I think it's so important because people find a non absolute reason for not giving up. People will always wait for that moment of serendipity. Whether it happens right there in an instant or in the long run.

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