Monday, June 18, 2012

And this is closure.

Dear Person,
I just wanted to let you know that I'm getting over you. I understand that I'm still going to miss you and that it's going to be hard to accept the fact that we will not be together again. But you know what? I'm okay with it. I'll get over it and I'm going to be okay. Know why? I'm better this way. I am so much stronger than I have ever felt and I don't want to get over you by hating you or being with someone else. I've learn to accept the fact that I'm going to be on my own for a while and I'm totally cool with it. I now have room to stretch and friends to help me through the tougher times. I don't need a silly boy to help me get over those lonely nights because feeling alone is being human.
I do want to thank you though. You hurt me a lot by ignoring my feelings and leaving me when I needed you the most. It has definitely been the hardest 3-4 months but I've definitely come to appreciate it and you. I know that there will be no next time, no one will ever hurt me again, and I'll deal with it any better way than I have. Thank you for being a great friend (and a man), for helping me see that I can do and be so much, and for teaching me to be strong on my own. I'll miss you, I still do, but as a friend. But now I'm over you and I'm never looking back.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I follow this one girl on ig and we're "friends" on Facebook and she posts pics of her same face every single damn day. Like dude, I understand. You're getting ready. You're out shopping. You're enjoying yourself so much you want us to enjoy you too. But please, give me a fucking break. If you were asking for attention, I definitely did not notice... Like seriously! Pointless hash tags will only bring more creepers and uneducated fools calling you "bomb" and the saddest part is that you like it so much you keep doing it. It's funny because people used to say I was jealous, till they got tired of her too. They realized how unbearable a girl can look when she's got to wear the tightest shit to show off her body. A classy girl covers up. She flaunts without making herself look like a attention whore. Show me a picture of your mom just because she means something to you. Not the drunk photos you clearly think is making you so famous. THAT IS NOT THE ONLY WAY TO ENJOY COLLEGE.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dear person I hate,

You'll probably be in multiple categories because lately it's been harder to forget about you... I don't know what it is but I can't seem to get over you. I tried to go on dates, and many more guys have asked me out and hit on me way more than they ever have altogether. And the only guy I kissed other than you this year was that guy Jordan from the army but honestly, he wasn't anything compared to you. I miss your kisses, I miss your face, your motivation, your spirit... everything... I hate you only because you left me when I needed you the most. I thought you were going to fight for me but I guess I'm not worth fighting. That's why I hate you. Because you made me believe everything and you just left. You expected me to respect myself more in the near future but the more I've become is more self-conscious and I hate myself even more. I didn't give you enough to make you feel like you'll need me and I hate myself and you for that... We were good together... but now it's over & I've got to move on.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

DIY High-low/ Waterfall Skirt

There is the option to buy a high-low skirt but I decided to make one because they were either too pricey or too long (because I'm 5'5" and have very short legs). Anywho, before I explain what materials are needed or how we're gonna do it, must first talk about the pattern. I found this pattern on youtube from LifeOfABioNerd and she's the one that explained how to do everything! From making the pattern to finished the hem stitching at the end. Only problem was patter paper for myself. I went to JoAnn's to go buy some but they told me they didn't carry it and I honestly didn't want to buy it online because my local post office is not very fragile with my stuff... Therefore, I made mine out of Christmas paper! It works just as well, only problem is that it's not seethrough as I'd like it to be... Anyways, just follow these instructions and it's an easy go!

-Pattern (I used polyester/cotton)
-Christmas paper
-Clothing scissors
-Chalk (or clothes marker)
-Measuring tape
-Sewing machine
This is the top part of my shirt, the left front and whatnot. I got this measurement by measuring my waist, then my bums, and where I want my short bandage skirt to end (if I happen to make one).
 I duplicated it the back way and got this!
Place that patter and draw one side of the skirt. From the front (left side of the pattern) to where it will flow down to the back (right side of the pattern). Make sure when making the pattern, to make the ends of the waves 90 degree angle or else it will look funky. Next cut the paper from left to right side (where the middle line is) and cut that into four sides, duplicate it and voila, you'll get this!:
 Then cut the patterns out and stack them right on top of each other (remember it should be inside out).
Sew and make the hemming.
Turn it the right side out and this is what it should look like (sorry about my dog's poop...)! Yay have fun!! Get creative!!

DIY Bracelet Holder

Here is a diy on how to make bracelet holders. I found already made suede bracelet holders but they were like 9.99 for a small on and the ones connected were like 15.99. It wasn't that bad but with that money, I could buy materials and make a lot more so I decided to do what's best! Enjoy :)
-Hot glue gun (& glue sticks)
-Paper towel roll, and a mini one from toilet paper or something else you can find
-Optional: spray can (any color you want)
-Colored duck tape (instead of spray to cover the cardboards)
-Wood stands (can buy many in a package)
Basic steps are to cover all your materials (stand, wood block, & paper towel roll) with duck tape or spray with the spray can.
--I made the mistake of not letting it dry overnight so make sure to do that. If it's with duck tape, just make sure it is all parallel or it will come out in chunks. & wrap it many times to make it sturdier & spray with can multiple times to make sure it's the right contrast of color.
This is what the they looks like stacked and packed with tape. looks like.
Then try placing the items where it should go first and then start gluing. Make sure to be careful because it is very hot! Let it sit for 10 minutes before doing anything.
This is what the finished product looks like!
And with some of my fav bracelets on it. Have fun!

Monday, June 4, 2012

These days are harder than the last...

I'm not so sure if I did or not but I feel like I recently had a dream about you. Of how it used to be and when things were better, easier... Now that summers around the corner, I know I'm gonna miss you more. More time to think, more time to spare. I recently got a job to keep myself busy but I don't think even that'll help....... Okay I gotta get ready for school. Brb
What I want to say is that no matter how I shut you (facebook, phone, ig, etc.) you're somehow always there, around, like I still have you back in my life... I'm constantly reminded of how it all used to be, when things were much simpler. There was a time when I honestly didn't want anything, and I set my mind to it. You were the one who supported me and made me feel so comfortable and wanted that I finally caved.