Wednesday, March 14, 2012

DIY: Shirt Pocket Patch

This is so random. Lolol yday, I made a shirt pocket patch. I'll show you what it looks like in a minute but the reason why I'm just randomly putting this in here is because I kind of wanted to start making like blogs on "diy's". I wanna start blogging even if it's not really for anyone who needs em, but maybe, who knows! Well, here's my first one:

1. What I first did was buy fabric (from Joann's) and I measured them how big I wanted it to be. It's 100% cotton and was on sale for $5.99/yd but I got half a yard so it was about $2.89. My patch here is 10cm wide and 8cm tall/10cm tall (the smaller ends and the middle). Make sure to make them a little bigger for the hemming and my patch was a little smaller than how I wanted it, so add 2+ cm each.
2. I then folded it where the line was and I ironed it so it makes the sewing much easier.

3. Next, I pinned it down (with a pin haha) to where I want it to be.

 Here is a close up of where I pinned it. --Just to let you know, I take off the pins as I sew along. It's just to help stay in place!
 4. I line up the fabric so I have a straight line.
 5. Same thing, but this is the second part to it. I just turn the whole shirt and line it up again. And go all the way around till you get to the other side of where you started.

 6. Should have mentioned it before. I made 2 more earlier and I sewed the top part of the patch before working on patching it onto the shirt because I wanted an open pocket. But I want this shirt to be just a patch, therefore I am sewing it right onto the shirt. (Notice how the other end is lined up)
 7. Tada! This is what the final product will look like. This is just a one line stitch (I don't know the exact terms for it, sorry!).
 These are the three I made altogether. Different types of design will cost at various prices. As you can see they're all animal prints and they are all 100% cotton!
And here it is on. This was very fun & easy to make. Yayay! Be on the lookout for my next diy!!