Monday, March 5, 2012

I did my exam #2 in my geo class and I got a 100% !!! I didn't struggle and I finished it with 42 mins left out of 55. HYFR I'm happy ! I'm just gonna keep this up. Get my homework done right when I get home, get all my assignments turned in, and study study study!! I've got two more quizzes for my geography class and I gotta just do better than 80% in them then I can pass that class with a 3.5, at the least. But ugggg only thing was my fucking communications class tests. LOL today was such a fail. I studied for the material but all the shit he writes in the test itself makes everything I studied for to backfire. Omg omg, I was like the third to last one to leave and when the other two last girls left, I felt the urge to discuss it with them and I guess I wasn't the only one who thought she bombed the test. Omg hahahaha one of the girls who I thought was smart was like "he's fucking up my grades with his class. He doesn't know how to speak so I don't understand shit from him." Hhahaha she was so angry grrrr. Anyways, I'm gonna see what my score was, try to get my second quiz back (wtf, he's sluffing) and then do great on my finals. I'm gonna now eat, go get things done for mama and come back home to finish the rest of my paper. I gotta start reading my next chapter for geography too. I'm excited to get this quarter over with and relax spring vaca. I'm thinking about going to OR to spend time with my cousins there and work at my auntie's restaurant for money. Tata~

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