Saturday, June 16, 2012

I follow this one girl on ig and we're "friends" on Facebook and she posts pics of her same face every single damn day. Like dude, I understand. You're getting ready. You're out shopping. You're enjoying yourself so much you want us to enjoy you too. But please, give me a fucking break. If you were asking for attention, I definitely did not notice... Like seriously! Pointless hash tags will only bring more creepers and uneducated fools calling you "bomb" and the saddest part is that you like it so much you keep doing it. It's funny because people used to say I was jealous, till they got tired of her too. They realized how unbearable a girl can look when she's got to wear the tightest shit to show off her body. A classy girl covers up. She flaunts without making herself look like a attention whore. Show me a picture of your mom just because she means something to you. Not the drunk photos you clearly think is making you so famous. THAT IS NOT THE ONLY WAY TO ENJOY COLLEGE.

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