Sunday, June 10, 2012

DIY High-low/ Waterfall Skirt

There is the option to buy a high-low skirt but I decided to make one because they were either too pricey or too long (because I'm 5'5" and have very short legs). Anywho, before I explain what materials are needed or how we're gonna do it, must first talk about the pattern. I found this pattern on youtube from LifeOfABioNerd and she's the one that explained how to do everything! From making the pattern to finished the hem stitching at the end. Only problem was patter paper for myself. I went to JoAnn's to go buy some but they told me they didn't carry it and I honestly didn't want to buy it online because my local post office is not very fragile with my stuff... Therefore, I made mine out of Christmas paper! It works just as well, only problem is that it's not seethrough as I'd like it to be... Anyways, just follow these instructions and it's an easy go!

-Pattern (I used polyester/cotton)
-Christmas paper
-Clothing scissors
-Chalk (or clothes marker)
-Measuring tape
-Sewing machine
This is the top part of my shirt, the left front and whatnot. I got this measurement by measuring my waist, then my bums, and where I want my short bandage skirt to end (if I happen to make one).
 I duplicated it the back way and got this!
Place that patter and draw one side of the skirt. From the front (left side of the pattern) to where it will flow down to the back (right side of the pattern). Make sure when making the pattern, to make the ends of the waves 90 degree angle or else it will look funky. Next cut the paper from left to right side (where the middle line is) and cut that into four sides, duplicate it and voila, you'll get this!:
 Then cut the patterns out and stack them right on top of each other (remember it should be inside out).
Sew and make the hemming.
Turn it the right side out and this is what it should look like (sorry about my dog's poop...)! Yay have fun!! Get creative!!

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  1. Thank you so much for the tutorial!! Totally gonna make one! in the name of details though, more pics and explanation please!!!