Monday, February 7, 2011


I am way beyond creepy. I feel like I have a crush on someone. I mean, we kissed and alla that but it was nothing more than a kiss, atm. But now, for some odd ass reason, it's growing. Maybe cos of the distance and shit. Plus I'm into those kinna guys. OH SHIT! And I went onto his fbook and saved a pic of him to send to a friend. I'm gonna go delete it off of my documents...... I feel like a lowkey stalker . And my girl, Min is the only one who knows. Girlllllll, keep it to yourself!! Hahahahaha shitttt. I'm tripping out, I need to calm down. This is a crush. Nothing more because I am not gonna tell him. I've made mistakes trying to make all my crushes in the past, but not this one. It'll happen when I'm ready and when I feel like it can't just be a crush. I wanna feel exhilarated like this for a little while longer.... Ahhhhh I'm gonna die drjgkdfg.

--Update 02/25/2011: This post is from the 7th of this month and I just have to say. I was very hyper, bored and stuff so I just put this. I don't have a crush on no one. What the heck! If so, it's not like I'll go this crazy about it. Fine, I do, but this guy up there ^ naaaahhh,get outta here with that shit haha. But like that one, I am not going to tell my current crush. Feelings should sometimes be kept to yourself :)

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