Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I just went through a breakup. Yes, it was confidential cos I didn't want no one else butting into my private life and shit. He thought it was because I didn't want my friends knowing. What the fuck? You talked to my best friend, if anything and most of my closest ppl knew. You're a trip.
Anyways, HE broke up with me with the excuse of, "I don't make you happy," & "To you, our relationship was just a drag" blah blah blah. If that was your excuse, I wouldn't have even been witchu in the first place. Damn, you got me fuuucked up! You then come around next few days, bringing up reasons to get mad at me then expect me to pick up your phone calls? For what? Fucking sympathy?? Don't break up with me, then say you love me, then bring up something to bitch at me for, then expect me to call to "get things straight." Nigga, your ass broke up with me, not the other way around. If anything, I should be fucking crawling back to you, not the other way around. Don't be a bigger trip and fucking man up. Go and talk to your girls to make you feel better. And don't front, cos for a fact I know you do that shit. As for me, I'm gonna watch out for my next boy. He isn't gonna be a youngin' like you cos best believe, you don't know how to control your emotions. I fucked up, I know. I had fucking temper breakdowns like all the time and I put so much distance between us, but you knew the shit I been through the past couple months and yet you talk to me like that? Fuck no!
CALL ME PATHETIC ALL YOU WANT. Your bitchass isn't getting another word outta me now, no matter what the fuck you say. Forreal, you get me so heated. I thought you wanted this to end quietly. You got mad over a friend request shit on fbook. How the fuck do you blow up to something that's not even a big deal. My shit is my business, we're over, you shouldn't even care if I'm his friend again or not. For all I fucking care, take your psycho ass ex to your house to see your mama again. See if I GIVES A FUUUUUUCK. Get outta here, forreal.

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