Monday, February 18, 2013

Car Accident #1

Today was my very first "accident" ever. Okay, I've been in other car accidents but this one was with a new car, and by myself so I was a little shook... I was just a driving and stupid navy blue acura had to try to avoid the car in front of it slowing down so they decided to join me and not look. He or she had hit me and dodged into the neighborhood. I tried looking for them but they just left so I'm a little upset, yeah. I didn't cry thoe, which I'm pretty proud of. Ehhhhhh whatever. I came to work like three hours late and I'm just stuffing my face now. When you're sad, eating may be the best source. I plan on going to hot yoga at like 6 in the morning tmrw. But when I get home tonight, I'm gonna watch movies and while doing that, upload some pictures of 2012. I did one last year lol so I wanna do one this year too. Maybe even in chronological order. Ooooohh :) okay I feel a little better. Bye.

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