Friday, July 20, 2012

When in doubt,

This summer I'm not expecting anything. I just want to work, save up, start getting ready for school by relaxing, and have chill days/nights. When summer hits, or is about to, people get all anxious to "live life up" and go do things they've never done before. It's reasonable, they have the time off and the weather is great, but that doesn't mean you must be out every single night pissed drunk.
My goal this summer is to relax, and meet up with my close friends that I'm not able to see during the school year. I want to see my bnb girls and have dress up nights and girls night outs. I want to see Nathalie and help her through the tougher times, living on her own and all. I want to see Joanna when she has the times to. I want to be with Donna when she comes down once in a while from wsu. I miss peejay although he's always working. I wanna get him back to school as well as Janet. I want Sarah to enjoy this summer before her first year in college at UW. I want to call Melissa often and keep my words. I want to see my other friends and enjoy the littlest things. I also want to find a church to settle down with. So that it's not just good for our social gatherings but spiritual growth as well. I want to help my mom during the hardest times. And I want my teeth to hurry up and get straight.
Lolol this was such a pointless text. I totally got off topic and I made no sense whatsoever.

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