Monday, January 9, 2012

Soon, 2011 is going to be nothing but a blur to me. So before that happens, I want to jot down everything that happened in this fast paced, memorable/heartbreaking year.

-If another girl gets in the way of me and a guy I want, I'll let her have him. More mature mindset
-Just putting it out there but every guy that I've ever had some sort of feeling for, has fucked me over. Even in the slightest manner. And this year, Jason confirmed it.
-As a Christian, it's not my job or in my favors to outwit the person who questions me about my faith and my religion. I feel I'm not obligated to convert someone and tell them things they do not wish to hear. I do what best suits me and that is to just be a Christian. To believe that our One and Only Father came down to remove of us of our sins and to fathom all that He's done for us. He's died for us, for me. And that's all it takes me to give myself up to him.

Lolol I'm not even close to being finished, nonetheless started, but just gonna keep it here.

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