Sunday, June 10, 2012

DIY Bracelet Holder

Here is a diy on how to make bracelet holders. I found already made suede bracelet holders but they were like 9.99 for a small on and the ones connected were like 15.99. It wasn't that bad but with that money, I could buy materials and make a lot more so I decided to do what's best! Enjoy :)
-Hot glue gun (& glue sticks)
-Paper towel roll, and a mini one from toilet paper or something else you can find
-Optional: spray can (any color you want)
-Colored duck tape (instead of spray to cover the cardboards)
-Wood stands (can buy many in a package)
Basic steps are to cover all your materials (stand, wood block, & paper towel roll) with duck tape or spray with the spray can.
--I made the mistake of not letting it dry overnight so make sure to do that. If it's with duck tape, just make sure it is all parallel or it will come out in chunks. & wrap it many times to make it sturdier & spray with can multiple times to make sure it's the right contrast of color.
This is what the they looks like stacked and packed with tape. looks like.
Then try placing the items where it should go first and then start gluing. Make sure to be careful because it is very hot! Let it sit for 10 minutes before doing anything.
This is what the finished product looks like!
And with some of my fav bracelets on it. Have fun!


  1. This was really helpful and simple, I will definitely be doing this project in the future!

  2. thanks so much for share this tutorial <3

  3. I really think you need to work on explaining details. Instructions like "Then try placing the items where it should go first and then start gluing." A *tutorial* means the reader doesn't know "where it should go first" - you need to tell them, step by step. Another example: "Wood stands (can buy many in a package)." You don't bother to explain what kind of stand, or show one (except when it's already covered and attached, which isn't helpful), or talk about where they can be purchased. I have no idea what kind of stand you mean. It's clear to you, because you did it. It's not clear to a reader who's never purchased a wood stand before.

  4. This was a great tutorial! Tried it at home and loved it! Unlike jessjaybird, i find that tutorials can get over complicated, and cluttered, but this one was straight forward and simple! :)

  5. The pictures tell the story. She gave commentary. Thanks for the tutorial!